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*Arrow Threader Earrings


Usually ships in 1 to 2 weeks.

Minimalist hand forged arrow earrings. Great for mixing and matching and for wearing many ways! Pick from silver or gold and choose plain or decorated with hypoallergenic silicone beads in a variety of colors. Comes packaged on a printed card wrapped in a striped bag and sealed with a two string jane banner sticker. Custom colors and styles available on request. Drop me a line!


Silver Plated Wire, Gold Plated wire


Length: 28mm
Wire Width: 18 gauge (.7mm)

Jewelry Disclaimer

Because all jewelry is handmade, your order will take time to complete. Please note listed processing times. Please get in touch to receive your order by a specific date. On each piece you may see minimal tool marks; each item is shaped and finished by hand so there won't be any sharp edges.