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FAQ - Masks

[Updated 6/11/2020, 10:30AM Pacific]

Hi Everyone!

So I am in the middle of sewing the last 861 masks (out of 6,000 total!) right now. It is crunch time and I am pulling 16 hour days to try and finish. Please see the FAQ below and see if you are able to find your answer there. I will try to respond to your question as soon as possible.

Where is my order?

All orders were originally estimated to take 8 weeks before shipping (as stated in the title and description). Please check your order page for the estimated shipping date.
+If your order is later than that, please know that I am working hard on it! I wish I could get everyone their masks out early, but we received 6,000 orders for these (1,300 of them in just 12 hours). I have about 80% of masks made but am running behind on a few designs. Those designs are:

  • Colorful Confetti: 5% complete
  • Avocado: 50% complete
  • Cat Heads: 5% complete
  • Shark Mouth: 65% complete
  • Open Mouth: 95% complete

If you have one of these incomplete designs in your order going with other items, I can ship your other items separately and ship the incomplete ones when I am done with them. It should only be another 7-12 business days before I am finished with everything. I know it's already been a long wait and I appreciate your patience.

What is this opening at the top of my mask?

This is the filter pocket! It allows you to use the entire mask with reusable filters. I know it may look like the seam is split or damaged but it is not. We back-stitched everything so there will be no fraying.

Can I return my items?

I'm sorry, we are unable to accept returns at this time due to the spread of COVID, as stated in the listing description. Please understand, I know the description is not easy to find (Etsy hides it from customers in favor of reviews) but I have no control over Etsy's site design. If I made a mistake on something, please contact me and we can work something out!

Can I cancel my order?

We have a 48 cancellation policy after orders are placed. We have already invested time and materials to make your order. As a small made-to-order business (we do not carry any inventory, cancelling really hurts our ability to stay afloat as a business in these crazy times.

I just want to thank every one of you for choosing to support a small business and support handmade products. I really appreciate your patience as I know masks are not really a thing we can always afford to wait for!

Much love!